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*A Storybook for Adults and Other Children: for Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families has been nominated and or won several national and international awards:  It was nominated and won: the Cannes World Film Festival 2022-23 - Best Educational Film.  Dr. Curry will be traveling to Cannes, France in 2023 and accepting the award for this work.  The book/film also won six national and international awards 2019-2023 including the Cannes World Film Festival "Best Instructional Film"; Accolade International Film Festival for "Excellence"; Indie Film Festival Award 2019; the Davis International Film Festival Award 2019 and nominated for the Paris Film Festival Award 2021, etc.  We deeply appreciate this recognition through these nominations or awards.  There is a USB-Video animated film that entertains and teaches children, families and students about social issues such as diversity, self-esteem, competition, fears, purpose, mindfulness, friendship, commitment and power of thoughts.  There are questions and activities at the end of each metaphor so the learning will continue. 

*I Believe in Angels - Update/Reprint September 2022. -  Beautiful tabletop full color gift book for the woman who has everything, or thought she did!   As the author climbs the Himalayas, near Mt. Everest, she shares the many mystical experiences in her life, encounters angels on the path, meets His Holiness the highest ranking Lama of Nepal who shares with her how to live life with ease and surrender the struggles that had been with her for the first forty years of her life.  She has heart to heart moments with the Sherpas who saved her life and her words reflect the lessons worth learning. She returned to the United States and has been living life with ease since learning her lessons near Mt. Everest in 1994.  

*One with the Light - A  Mystic's Journey to the Light:  A book that integrates Social, Spiritual and Scientific concepts.  (2019) .  This book has no beginning or ending.  The reader can pick it up, open to a page, any page, and begin to read.  A lesson will appear as the reader begins to experience being in the moment.  There are many questions and even more answers written on the pages as well as therapeutic interventions that may contribute to the growth in higher consciousness for the client, the clinician and others.  ​Some chapters are:  As you think so you are (CBT);  What is your Mission Statement (Systems Theory); External teachers appear; (Existential experience);  Transition time;  Quantum Physics according to me and more.

*These books and USB-Video were designed as Tabletop full color, beautifully illustrated books perfect as holiday gifts.   

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