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Award-winning: A STORYBOOK FOR ADULTS AND OTHER CHILDREN: For Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families (Learning with metaphors)

I BELIEVE IN ANGELS (Sharing our challenges in life).

As we think, so we are.  Change your thoughts and change your life.  We control our thoughts and our thoughts control our behaviors.      Do you wish to control your thoughts or be out of control with your behavior?




WE are here to grow and evolve to our highest good.  How do we demonstrate and express inclusive thoughts and how do we reflect and practice compassion for others?  Dr. Curry's books share some of the ideas and resources always available to us so we can experience higher consciousness and learn to  love the life given to us.

Become conscious through external teachers, visualizations, meditation, gratitude walks, acquire life's tools and  learning about the words we use, the thoughts we have and the choices we make. 

One with the Light is now available.


When Jerri Curry was 22 years old, she had a life after life experience. The two lessons she received were "to Learn and to Love".  She has done both beautifully during her time on earth. 

There are lessons in each of Dr. Curry's books and these are shared with you so we can evolve individually and together in reaching our highest collective compassionate consciousness.   She is an Award-winning author and she is also a licensed psychologist #27385; licensed marriage and family therapist #19776; and a registered addiction specialist #6247. 

What our customers are saying

*"Dr. Jerri Curry has the energy, personality, skill, and vision that allows her to love life and you to easily love her. She is insightful, courageous, and compassionate. She is engaging and friendly. She is a caring teacher who represents the best of humanity.” 

(Tony Belak., JD). 

*"Jerri, you're very charismatic and capable.  You're one of the few people I trust with my feelings and thoughts.  There's a depth and range to you that you seldom show the world."  (A graduate colleague-student gave me this note on last day of class 1987). 

*"I have appeared to you for a reason.  I am more real than most things on your earth. It is time to share the existence of our being so others can learn, be comforted and choose more wisely their task and actions at hand.  The angels were with you in the Himalayas and we are with each of you now.  Know this truth and feel our presence.  There will be those who know and feel our presence and those who will choose not to.  Beyond the importance of connecting in the Light is the continuation of free will.  It is with accepting and respecting free will that we will reach our highest good in connecting with the Light and becoming Whole." (I Believe in Angels). 

*A Storybook for Adults and Other Children: For Mental Health Professionals, Teachers and Families was nominated and Won for Best Educational Film from the 

Cannes World Film Festival (2022-2023) and  nominated by Cannes Shorts film Festival for Best Original Story and by the Paris Film Festival Award  (2021-2022).  

It  received the Award for Excellence from the Indie-Fest Film Festival in the category of Education, Instruction and Training 


2019 International Award for "Best Feature in Animation" from Davis  Film Festival and

 Indie film Festival: Best Instructional Film

and 2022 Red Works Film Festival Award.

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